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Computing Technology of the GDR in the "ESER"

Contributions to the history of the Unified system of electronic computer technology

(Einheits- System der Elektronischen Rechentechnik ESER)


" Welcome to the "virtual museum of Unified System of

Electronic Computer technology ESER"

The "Unified  system of electronic computer technology" (ESER) was from 1968 to 1990 in the European countries of the socialist states- Countries of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance /CMEA/ an important economic factor and dominated there (along the export program of the system Small computer- "SKR", which was  for the GDR economically less successful ) the development, production and application of information and computing technology.

The creation of the "ESER" system had the highest strategic importance for the creation of a modern information processing industry and IT application in all its participating countries, especially in the major developer and producer states USSR, GDR and Bulgaria. ESER was metaphorically said, conducted as a "large international group with distinct national carrier, with the clear dominance of the USSR and joined in the participating countries, about 20,000 scientists, engineers and programmers, as well as approximately 300,000 people in manufacturing and service success in a unified program ! It worked more than 70 manufacturing facilities in the country for ESER products, and in addition to a large number of systems analysts and developers in the creation of application solutions.

The ESER project was a successful example of economic integration in the CMEA. Conservatively approximate calculations have been produced since the founding MRK-1969-1990 in the participating countries alone, some 18,000 to 20,000 mainframes, different configuration and generation, complete with peripherals and operating systems and used in industry, administration and state machinery (including military and security sector). In addition, the USSR produced with a modified technique ESER architecture for harsh military applications.

A good overview of international cooperation, interdependence published the long-General Constructors of the ESER VV Prschijalkowskij in an article on the cooperation of socialist countries>> unit system of the socialist countries (VVPR GJA), on which also the co-author of this site.   

ROBOTRON- the leading computer company of the GDR- developed and produced 5 Main- Frame series in 3-architecture- levels , and thus about 10% of the total of the socialist countries (see also page ESER working environment in the GDR) in CPUs and performed in about 18 years, approximately 40% of all work for the development ESER-compliant operating systems.

ROBOTRON and other GDR-enterprises developed and produced as an extensive pallet of peripheral devices and associated control devices, screen-oriented workplace technology, printers, multiplexers, among others. A table gives the inserted table (see ESER DDR devices from 1971 to 1989. Among them are many devices in times of DuB / Sömmerda. Designers and production workers of the combine of Carl Zeiss Jena have contributed to a highly successful and sought-after range of 1 / 2 inches EC 5016/5017/5002.03/5002.06 magnetic tape devices for many years a valuable contribution to the completion of systems and in export markets.

The comprehensive use of the ESER mainframes in the GDR, with about 350 EC-mainframe systems (inventory 1990) was about 90% of the base of the GDR information. Your system properties and 1991/1992 secured from a 'compatible' transition to new mainframes, etc.>> Old DDR_ESER_Rechner by the west wind ...

 The line of central processing units as the most representative product of the GDR in ESER are special consideration to the economic viability of the GDR's dedicated involvement in the ESER.

See: economy)

The main development of products was carried out at ESER Robotron traditionally in Karl-Marx-Stadt (E2) in three largely autonomous pillars:

  • central processing units of electronic data processing mainframes, control units and test and diagnostic software

  • ESER operating  systems

  • Computer peripherals and small equipment that is not the totality of the ESER-based construction and design documents edva technology.

Detailed accounts of many developing details and background, see products and Robotron teams  initially a compact summary of the history of Produktlinie ESER- EDVA and a section on the background of the formation of the STC in 1989 in the article ESER- Produktentwicklung und E2- Teams .  ESER edva product line and a paper on the    background of the formation of the STC in 1989 in the article ESER product development teams and E2. There, the reader will find also detailed presentations on the history of the discipline from the beginnings of scientific production enterprise "ELREMA in May 1957 (until the early 80's sketch of the history of the ESER Development Center, Karl-Marx-Stadt from ELREMA to development labor for equipment (1980)).

Many readers will read with interest the ESER of Works of the teams in the 1987/1989 work on VLSI logic designs, is to the technological sense of the E2 ESER teams for optimal utilization of the GDR make clear conditions (see " Vorlaufarbeiten Forward Work "). .

Finally, it also refers to new contributions, which are found in a summary to. This also applies to the site for historical review from the perspective 2009th

Concerns of these pages in the German Internet - a compact representation of the "ESER"

  • The present work on the ESER diverse in its political and economic system contexts as part of a complex whole and as a result of a multitude of facts and factors of various kinds outline relevant historical processes and to go beyond technical perspectives of a system view.

  • the extensive benefits of system architects, logic developers, designers, software developers and technologists on the one hand, represent the high quality of services of employees in manufacturing and application of ROBOTRON collectively;

  • demonstrate the close interrelationship with processes, development trends and colleagues in the USSR and present from the perspective of the years 2007/2009 other contexts;

  • The very scattered information on the Internet ESER present compact, systematize and supplemented by previously inaccessible facts and documents;

  • concretely demonstrate how the general trends of information processing technology for the ESER in technological generations - from low-integrated TTL / ECL - to the use of VLSI circuits, special circuits, and microprocessor systems under the conditions of the GDR economy and for the CMEA the ESER and constituted also to show that the widespread public opinion after 1990 is false, ESER edva had unlicensed copies of certain IBM analogues;

  • represent essential facts of economic and political relationships in the international division of the CMEA (so-called "Eastern Bloc"), the overall framework of development and technology services make the time to understand especially younger readers;

  • to offer the Russian-now publicly accessible information about the core ESER the German reader, and also learn more about the high parallelism of the technology situation in the USSR and East Germany;

  • a wealth of technical publications from 1970 to 1990 received electronically;

  • present facts as tiles  on the history of "Economic  Saxony, which today are at the basis of successful entrepreneurship.

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Picture: USSR-Prime Minister Kossygin visits to the Robotron-state on the ESER- Exhibition in Moscow .With the name A. Kossygin was connected from 1965 the most important economic reform (beside the "new economic politics" of the 20-s) of the USSR

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